2018 resolutions

December 31, 2017

This is that time of year when, after weeks of excess booze and food consumption, I turn my attentions to self-improvement with New Year resolutions.

I’m happy of my life, but I think I can make it better for me and my family.

So, here is what I want to achieve in the upcoming new year.

My family

I think that a person is good and is doing a good work if is loved by its family. I love my work, but sometimes I put too much effort on it and the risk is to forget what really important is, my family. My daughter Melissa is a wonderful 3yr girl that needs all the time that I can, my wife Roberta is a great woman and a very patient person, she is the true love of my life. I love them and I’ll be more present.

Leave that phone!

For work and for passion I look too much often at my phone(s) and I think is a weakness. I want to switch off my smartphone a bit more. I’m sure that my family would be happy I looked them in the eye and told them about my day without the interruption of my phone.

Read books

When I was young (I know I’m young, but not so young!) I took the train to go work; it’s was tiring, but I have a lot of time to read. Now I only read news on my timelines (Twitter, LinkedIn and so on), articles on the web and technical books, I really miss a good book.

Work-life balance

I love my work, but as I said previously I often put it on top of my priorities. My work is important, and I have some responsabilities, but I have responsabilities with my family too. So I have to assing them the correct weigth in the famous work-life balance. And please Irvin take care of you!

Weith loss

I’m clearly fat. The fact that I’m tall is not working anymore. A sage said that “to know the problem is the first step to solve it”. So I have to take the time for me, train more, and (please!) stop to eat junk food. I love it and it’s patently a way to release stress.

I have a big gallbladder calculation so I have to take a surgery day to remove it; I think is a clear signal of my body; ok message got!

I was a good runner and biker, I want to come back on the fields and train myself. I’ll not become Chris Hemsworth, but simply an healthy person.

Sorry Chris, not this year!

Until the end of 2018 I want to take an half marathon.

Watch less TV

I’m a TV series lover and binge watcher; I don’t think that J.J. Abrams will call me to thank me for this :-)


So instead of spending hours in front the TV every evening, I’ll go for a family stroll around the neighborhood, or I can meal prep some healthy food for the week, or maybe play board games or LEGO with my family.

My blog, StackOverflow and Microsoft

I want to keep on writing my blog, is a good way to train my english and do some research on technology. StackOverflow is one of the best community in the world, here is was lucky enough to know some of the most talented people in the world, I want to keep on answering questions and learn new things. I want to take more Microsoft exams, and why not, a day candidate myself as MVP.

I wanna thank Microsoft for the great job that they do this year!


For all the readers, have a great 2018!!